A Drop of Sin

Kalinka Kalaschnikow is the secret ingredient that makes this drink highly addictive and leaves you longing for more.

This decadent drink is prepared with the most glamorous costume, seductive moves and a shot of intoxicating desire, garnished with a ginger bombshell.

Caution - it will be served hot!


"A drop of Sin" is the perfect act for private and corporate events.




Straight out of a film noir, Kalinka is playing a dangerous game of seduction and desire. Armed with gold, glamour and a giant feather boa,

she's here to steal your heart.


This act is a perfect fit for vintage parties and corporate events.


Flappers Delight

Through the smoke of her opium pipe this flapper dancer will take you back to the roaring twenties.
Dressed in pearls and feathers Kalinka will enchant the audience with her delicate charm and wild moves.


This act is the perfect fit for Great Gatsby parties and private events.



Peach Blossom

Kalinka Kalaschnikow performs a very delicate and classic fan dance to the wonderful song „Lotus Blossom“ by Julia Lee. She will enchant you with soft and elegant movements.
This act is perfect for 20s Parties and Business events.


The Peacock Parade

If you were always searching for a real showgirl, you've found her right now.

This act is full of feathers, glamour and tease, performed to Wynton Marsalis „Jungle Blues“.


The act includes a huge feather headpiece that would make every peacock jealous.


Into the Woods

This act will take you into a fairytale, deep into the enchanted woods.
The beautiful creature will mesmerize you with her fragility, soft movements and tenderness. 


The costume includes a big headpice which is made out of real deer antlers that covered in thousands of rhinestones.


The Snowglobe

The Snowglobe is a very special act, set in a 3x3 metres big balloon. The Snowprincess performs in the balloon, in the middle of a snowy glitter explosion. A very mesmerizing performance, perfect for bigger events and stages.


Take note that this performance requires certain technical specications. Please inquire if you are interested in booking this act!


Voodoo Priestess

This powerful act will blow you a way. 


Wild, strong and dangerous. With high energy and bump'n'grind Kalinka Kalaschnikow will bring you the dark side of Voodoo. Kalinka performs to the powerful songs „Drums a gogo“ and „Drive in“.


Champagne Showgirl

Glitter, glamour and champagne ... thats all you need for a good party. 

A very classy act with an explosive end.

This act is perfect for business events and also birthday parties.


It also can be booked with a big birthday cake of which Miss Kalaschnikow pops out of, also substituting as stage for pop up events and shows.


The Good, the Bad and the Pretty

Welcome to the Wild West.
This act is classy and also very sassy. But watch out she's not shooting with blanks.

Let´s see if you can handle a real weapon.


In this act Kalinka performs to „Some of these days“ by David Rose and Dick Dales „Misirlou“. Glitter explosion in the end.


The Curse of the Golden Flower

A dark and magical creature, tempting and dangerous. A very powerful and strong act with a modern edge.


With her performance to Massive Attacks „Angel“ she will put you under her spell.


Blue Prelude

A hat, a cane and a tailcoat. 

This classy lady knows exactly how to handle her audience. 


To David Rose's „Blue Prelude“ she will tease you out of your seats.


The English Riding Lady 

An English Riding Lady on the hunt, to the Nine Inch Nails „Closer“ she will turn herself into a horse. A perfect play of dominance and subservience.


Perfect for qeer and fetish events.



Witness the magical transformation of a fragile creature that explores the power and beauty that lies within it. 




Oriental Dream

A dark, powerful and arty performance. Great for special events or themed Burlesque events. 

This act includes silk fans.



The tragic figure of a clown appears on stage, to Hildegard Knef's „Illusionen“ the sad clown will show you his magical tricks. The performance later moving on to Massive Attack´s „Paradise Circus“, where the act finishes in the beautiful movements of a chairdance.


The Elephant Parade 

Kalinka's beloved real life sized elephant „Ferdinand“ is the central part of this performance. A big part of her show is performed on the elephant.


This act can be performed with different costumes and music, depending on the theme of your party. Please note that due to the size this act has special requirements. Please inquire with us if you are interested!



If one is not enough!


You can book Miss Kalaschnikow together with the King of Burlesque, Mister Russell Bruner, for a show-dance-duet or a striptease-duet. These are high energy and fun performance, including swing dance elemtents.